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The soundtrack was taken from the internet. I converted it to a wav. File. It was then uploaded into unreal engine and using the create cue function a blueprint was created and the sound added.

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Newspaper Headline: 24/03/2016

Coming Soon to a Screen Strapped to your Face: VR is back!

The headline in The Guardian 19/03/2016. The article focused on the competition between Playstation VR, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. No matter which company comes out on top all three believe they have the technology and know how to make VR a booming new business though others are not so positive believing it could be the new 3D TV, an expensive buy that never gained popularity. In 1995 Nintendo released Virtual Boy which failed partly due to it’s clunky headset.

VRs revival is due to Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus rift. He believes that the development of the smartphone was crucial to the improved technology of headsets eg, high resolution screens. The smartphone with cheap end headsets were already a VR product in their own right. How successful the revival of VR will be will be dependent on the content developed for users and the variety of uses. Initially it is thought there will be a niche market of gamers but for the long haul VR has to have an appeal to a much broader market.



Newspaper: The Guardian: Saturday 19 March 2016