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Clarification from Questions

Some of the questions that were asked by the audience were:

Q: How long the project took for me to create and complete?

A: 8 months

Q: What is virtual reality and how immersive was the experience?

A: A realistic and immersive simulation of a three dimensional 360-degree environment,

Q: How were the models made and what software was used?

A: Models were made in the software Maya and uploaded into a games engine called Unreal Engine.

Q: Why did I choose virtual reality for my final project?

A: The latest technology to view art and experience a visual treat. Also wanted an interactive project that would allow the viewer to be entertained.


Communication to the Audience

We each had a short presentation on the day of the show to the audience explaining our double project. I was slightly nervous but managed to get through the 2 minutes quite comfortably.

During the week of the exhibition I had many users viewing my project. I explained to the them the concept and the definition of virtual and augmented realities. I had to explain to some how to use the headset and controller and also how to use the app for the augmented reality on the brochure I had made. Everyone seemed to understand the explanations and any questions they had were easily answered.


Double Project Show

I created this video of my complete project showing a flythrough of my models created in Unreal Engine, augmented reality and Sketchfab VR. I also included clips of the actual seven wonders. I had this video playing on a Mac next to my project so guests walking past would have an idea of my project and have something to look at whilst someone else was viewing my project.

Final Elements Added

The project was almost coming to an end but as I viewed the project realised a few additions and tweaks were required to make it complete.

Added an elaborate entrance to give the feeling of entering a theme park and providing a sense of exhilaration before you entered.

Added entrance gates before each wonder to allow the viewer to know they have left one place and arriving in the other. This is also where the different music was triggered to match each experience.

Added signposts to allow easier navigation for the user.

Added the water fountains into the lake of the Taj Mahal to keep with the realistic theme.

Added a variety of characters as tourists to provide more interest as the viewer is immersed in the experience.

Added more wildlife in the Amazon Forest to provide the viewer with more interesting points to gaze at so they would stop and look rather than zoom through the experience.

Oculus Rift Issue

Initially when I tested the Oculus it would not connect to Unreal Engine.

Finally working after getting in touch with the technician. Long came and realised there was a problem with the log in details. This was actually a relief because if it was my actual project that was a problem then the problem would take longer to resolve.

Change of Map

Initially I had placed my wonders in a circle but after some feedback from one of the lecturers that users may not be able to navigate easily in a circle and may miss out on viewing some of them I reorganised them into a straight line so they could be viewed one after the other and a lot easier to navigate the environment.

PCP Marketing

I had all these items ordered and printed by Solopress who were extremely efficient with a very easy website to navigate and order products from and extremely competetive prices.

Business Card






Roller Banner


Brochure for Augmented Reality