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Beginnings of my website. Using my Tsohost account bought another domain name, and have started the initial stages of creating a website providing information about my chosen 7 wonders and containing videos of flythroughs of these.

Choosing and buying my domain name.

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Making changes to my hosting account to add my domain name.


Installed Wordpress.


Beginnings of my website which will provide information and videos of the seven wonders I have chosen.


Augmented Reality 2

After further research found a website which allows a free trial to upload a 3D model to create augment reality to a mobile device. Uploaded my Taj Mahal model and it worked really well in itself but I still want to add the environment so the whole model looks more realistic so it can work as a partner project to my VR experience especially if the problems with setting up the Oculus Rift continue.



Augmented Reality

After feedback from the tutor about ensuring I have a plan B and maybe even a plan C in case my VR project did not work with the Oculus Rift I decided I would also have my models as an Augmented Reality experience. Initial research and after a session from another student I experimented with an AR platform called AR-media. After downloading the product and printing the marker which would be the base for the model to pop up using the camera of my laptop I mirrored the marker and my Taj Model like magic appeared in space as a 3D model.

My next aim is to use augmented reality with the ios platforms to create a more immersive, interactive real time experience.


screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-18-34-47 screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-18-35-05

Sketchfab VR

VR on Phone

 Looked at various websites to see if I could find a temporary solution to create a VR experience to test my model. There are a lot of websites but the free trials tend to be simply uploading your model on to their to view as 3D models. Finally found Sketchfab who have a facility to upload your model using a plugin exporter from Maya as well as other modeling websites. Following instructions on Sketchfab I uploaded my Taj Mahal model and then using the VR preview and a link that was provided my model uploaded into the VR space on my phone through their app. This could then be viewed using the google cardboard.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-15-45-53 img_0130

Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality using a highend headset is an experience no like other. The experience on a phone does not provide the same level of immersion but is quite inexpensive and can be used anywhere. The cheap cardboard headsets use biconvex lenses, which warp the images on display to the viewers field of view creating an illusion of depth through stereoscopy. The lenses do not need to be adjusted so can be used straightaway by anyone, anywhere. To enable the VR experience the phone uses the in built accelerometer and gyroscope to create the sense of movement and positioning using your head movement to direct which way you view the display. The old cardboard viewers had a magnetic button on the side, which used the phones magnetometer that when clicked would act as if you are pressing the phones touch screen. Later models of cardboard viewers have a button, which triggers a foam pad to activate the screen. Bluetooth controllers have become available but are not compatible with all headsets, phones and apps. This new technology is developing at a rapid pace and smartphone vr apps will become more immersive.


Launch Package for Window to Create an App

After some research found I had to download Visual Studio for Windows to develop and create an app. Downloaded so I could use it alongside Unreal Engine to package and launch my project.


Added my model to a first person template in Unreal Engine to enable it to launch.

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Project packaged and launched with the new template but unfortunately without the environment.


Have to figure out how to include the environment in the package.



Apps Fail

I want to create an app for my models so they can be experienced on a mobile platform. I initially tried this with a VR model I created in a module in year 2 at the beginning of year 3 but after much effort and distress could not get it to work. 3 months on I decided to give it a second go for the Taj Mahal but yet again finding problems. I have again gone through the Apple Developers site and followed all the instructions. Everything seems to go fine until the file goes to package and then it fails.


Decided to go with an app for the ios platform because I have an iphone and ipad.



Output log showing the reasons for the failure of my project being packaged.

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-23-23-31 screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-23-45-00

Next job to investigate the issues that are causing the problems but will perservere and will aim to make it work.


Certificates for App development for ios.