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Beginnings of my website. Using my Tsohost account bought another domain name, and have started the initial stages of creating a website providing information about my chosen 7 wonders and containing videos of flythroughs of these.

Choosing and buying my domain name.

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Making changes to my hosting account to add my domain name.


Installed Wordpress.


Beginnings of my website which will provide information and videos of the seven wonders I have chosen.


Augmented Reality 2

After further research found a website which allows a free trial to upload a 3D model to create augment reality to a mobile device. Uploaded my Taj Mahal model and it worked really well in itself but I still want to add the environment so the whole model looks more realistic so it can work as a partner project to my VR experience especially if the problems with setting up the Oculus Rift continue.



Augmented Reality

After feedback from the tutor about ensuring I have a plan B and maybe even a plan C in case my VR project did not work with the Oculus Rift I decided I would also have my models as an Augmented Reality experience. Initial research and after a session from another student I experimented with an AR platform called AR-media. After downloading the product and printing the marker which would be the base for the model to pop up using the camera of my laptop I mirrored the marker and my Taj Model like magic appeared in space as a 3D model.

My next aim is to use augmented reality with the ios platforms to create a more immersive, interactive real time experience.


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Sketchfab VR

VR on Phone

 Looked at various websites to see if I could find a temporary solution to create a VR experience to test my model. There are a lot of websites but the free trials tend to be simply uploading your model on to their to view as 3D models. Finally found Sketchfab who have a facility to upload your model using a plugin exporter from Maya as well as other modeling websites. Following instructions on Sketchfab I uploaded my Taj Mahal model and then using the VR preview and a link that was provided my model uploaded into the VR space on my phone through their app. This could then be viewed using the google cardboard.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-15-45-53 img_0130