Monthly Archives: January 2017

NightTime For Saturn


This is a preliminary model of my Rings of Saturn model and including this one all my models were made on one one level which meant the sky was always blue. This worked for the other models but not for Saturn. I also wanted a darker night sky to change up the visuals and be more realistic.


After a little research found by manipulating a few tools I was able to create a night sky. I need to improve on this and now I know how to do it will continue improving until I obtain the standard I am looking for.


promax  blogfes destic-basic my-website

This is the beginning of my homepage. It needs a lot of work still but this is something I can work on after my models are complete. I will be adding a lot of images, video walk throughs and information about my models, there locations and destinations.

AR Set Up


Although I had decided to do a VR experience for my double project I felt I could add to this and also experiment with augmented reality. After some research found I had to use trackers to see the models in the environment I wanted. These had to be quite detailed for the phone or ipad to scan and register. I decided to use the locations as backgrounds and these worked quite well. The viewer could easily visualise the destinations once the model attached itself in augmented reality.


I uploaded my models using the Augment app and website. I opted for this one over others for example ‘ARmedia,’ because ‘Augment’ allowed me to use my own trackers and another advantage was I could upload my own logo and really make it my own.



I was really pleased with the end result and it was not as complicated a process as I initially thought when I decided to include this in my double project.