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Wireframes sent to Client – Week 2

This is a wireframe for the website I created after discussing with the client during our client brief about the type of appearance she wanted for her website. I sent her this and she liked the appearance and therefore the wordpress theme was also chosen accordingly to this and other websites we discussed.


Plugins – Week 4

These are the various plugins I have added to create the various pages of the site as to the clients brief.

Visual Form Builder


32 30

wp easy paypal payment accept wordpress plugin



Contact Form 7 Style




Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact form


40 41

Colour Theme – Week 3-4

These are colour schemes I have added into the wordpress theme for the client to choose from. The client had indicated these colours during our client brief and adjusted with some suggestions from me.

colour-1   colour-1-1

colour-2     colour-2-1 colour-3      colour-3-1

Colour Scheme

Saad Chaudhry
Mon 20/02, 17:11
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Hi Sadaf
Here are attachments for the colour schemes we discussed. I have added each into the website design to give you a better idea to the appearance of the final design. Please provide your feedback so I can continue with the website creation. If these colours do not meet your requirement please let me know so we can discuss further ideas.
Best regards

Colour Scheme