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Interactive Gameplay-Week 4

This weeks lesson was a continuation of last weeks lecture. We discussed genres again.

Action games have sub genres:

  • Horror Survival
  • Action RPG
  • Adventure
  • Platform
  • A combination of many of these.



Sports Games

Often require you to understand the rules of the sport beforehand. They are made to play the same as sports are shown on TV.

Camera positions are 3rd person, side view, top down and isometric.



Role Playing Games

RPGs revolve around stories and creating your own character. They are a mixture of various genres and have a huge variety for players to explore. These are the most difficult to design for as you have to account for everything. Character growth and experience are very satisfactory for players and enjoyment of the game. The statistics and skills you gain are used as you progress through the levels.

Statistics include skills, weapons, areas the player has visited and the items that have been collected.

Stories are difficult to create in RPGs but good dialogue and characters are very important. They can also be played online. Playing online with the extra players can alter the game quite drastically.The environments are more expansive because they need to accommodate the extra players.The camera positions are also important. You can have a third person camera view or an isometric positioning so the whole area becomes visible.



Adventure Games

Characters were the hero of these games but the focus also had to be on the story.



Puzzle Games

These should be logical and follow through the story setting. One puzzle needs to lead to the next puzzle with consistency.

Puzzles need to be difficult enough to test your mentality but not so annoying that they frustrate the player. Need the balance between making the game interesting enough not to be boring but simple enough so the player does not switch off.

The interface determines the kind of activities and interaction within the game for a player. For example items being picked up and dragged into an inventory.

Camera positions are usually 1st person, 3rd person and side view.



Strategy Games

These are the hardest games to design for. There needs to be a balance in the gameplay. For example resources,teams, units and weapons, realism versus fun and map design. The AI needs to be intelligent enough for the game to work.

Camera positions are usually top down/isometric.



Fighting Games

These are simple,quick, engaging and fun to play. There are not so many rules but characterisation is very important. Also players have to be balanced where one can not over power the other.

Camera positioning tend to be side views.




These focus on a realistic experience. For example plane and train simulators. They allow players to fulfil their childhood dreams.

Camera positions are 1st person, 3rd person and top down.

Never gave games so much in depth thought before. Usually just played them and never thought about the mechanics or the storyline.



Game Design Documents

Game design is really tough. That’s what I think but was told by Haris that everyone in the game design industry spend hours in frustration.

Purpose: To store information and write down your vision of the game. The document details your idea, characters, land, props, weapons interface designs, mechanics, technical specifications, settings and resolutions, art concept, for hard drive or dvd and testing procedures. It also states the roles each of your group will have in creating your game. The document often needs updating as you progress with the various specifics of game creating. It should be clear and concise and used as a construction guide. It should be arranged by topic so each team member knows which area refers to them.

Games are made by hundreds of people, each working on a specific task. Indie games are made by a lot fewer people.

Game Concept Document

This is a game idea and pitch document. It is given to the producer to make the game a reality. This document contains your game idea, background description, key features, genre, platform and concept art.

We also got into groups of two to discuss how different genres of games would be described in a document.

A pre-historical RPG:

  • 3rd person view
  • timeline
  • challenges
  • narrative
  • locations
  • map level designs

Fantasy FPS

  • fantasy elements
  • weapons
  • mechanics
  • characters
  • 1st person view
  • maps
  • gameplay

Restaurant Management Game

  • levels of difficulty
  • user interface
  • AI
  • multiple restaurants
  • characters
  • graphics

This was quite an interesting session and lots of ideas popped out from everyone.

Experimental 3D – Week 4

We reviewed the film we watched last week ‘Ex-Machina.’ We discussed how the CGI worked and the characters.

We also worked with Maya again.

Harris was pretty pleased with my blog. Need to work on the layout of the text though to make it look more professional.

We learnt to create vector shapes in illustrator and uploaded them into maya, turning them into 3D and then animation. We tried to render it in Maya and into video but it did not work. We had to render every frame in jpg then upload into After Effects. We then had to get jpg into composition and then turn into video. I have rendered into quicktime video.

Maya and Cinema 4D are different softwares. I am starting to feel more confident using maya and hopefully the more I practise the better I will get. This ball still needs improvement.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 15.26.19

I experimented in Maya to show the normal ball turning into a sharp ball in animation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 15.27.28

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 15.31.24


Game idea for character and map

These are some creature designs I created in photoshop for my first game idea.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.39.29

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.39.49

This is a robot created using photoshop for my second game idea.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.56.22Robot

This is the alien I originally created using photoshop for my second game idea.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.37.11Alien

A rough idea for a soldier.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.36.31 solider

I created this street map in photoshop to show where the building would be situated for my alien video game.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.35.19map

These were rough ideas but felt they looked more cartoony than the image I wanted. I was looking to create characters which had a darker side.

Network Aesthetics – Week 4

The first part of the lecture we made sure our websites were working. The discussion then continued to the importance of the role of the administrator. The administrator has full control over the site and can determine how and who uses the site.

A subscriber to the site is the lowest level of user. Adding new users can be done manually or automatically. A manual creation gives the administrator control of who is the user. An automatic user entry means anyone can become a user. This is done by a new user form.

We next downloaded a plug in ‘Buddypress.’ This is what we will be using to create our social networks. It allows the user to change their profile, has an activity stream and you can form groups and forums. There are a number of components accessible through the settings. You can select and unselect at any time. On the pages tab, the members page will show a list of members. The activity stream page will show what has been said and by whom. The groups page will show the groups.

We were told that eventually we would need to create pages:

  • Homepage
  • Members
  • Activity
  • Groups
  • Register
  • Activate

I chose a Buddypress theme and installed it (Parallax). Not sure yet if I will keep this one or choose another one. The theme chosen must be able to be customized e.g the text, graphics and links.

The advantage of using WordPress is that no coding is required so the site can be up and running quickly.

We need to design a logo before the next lecture but have been reminded that we are aiming to create a working social networking site for a niche market and that this is more important that making it look exceptionally brilliant. Also reminded that a lot of research is required about this module and all was to be included in the presentation.

Ryan registering on my website to confirm it is all in working order.

IMG_0668 IMG_0669

Alien Game ….. (no idea yet)

Game Idea Feedback from my preliminary creature game idea

I clarified that the protagonist of my game was a soldier.

I was told that I shouldn’t have a fixed path in the way the player kills the creature. I also needed more classes in the game, for example, scientist or a journalist. The scientist could capture the creature and do biological tests. The journalist could take photos and maybe upload them creating fear among the public. I should have multi buildings or different ways to reaching different parts of the building. Only killing the creature was too boring and I should create multiple paths or random paths to create different experiences for the player. I also had to define the character of the creature more precisely and answer questions like where did the creatures come from and why were they a threat?

There was a lot to think about and the feedback that I received made me rethink my game. Using some of the same ideas but changing others I have decided to change the game a little.

The idea now is to have an alien instead of a creature as easier to explain where they come from. Alien is here to steal a newly made compound to strengthen his planet so he can come back with his race and take over earth as earth has a similar but better environment for his people. Now have more classes e.g scientist, friend, robots guard dogs, security officers. Will have more parts to the building and more paths to go plus also the extra element of portals opening creating more challenges for the player.

Short Summary

A first person shooter game. Scientist has been kidnapped by an alien. A soldier and his friend attempt a rescue. Soldiers friend hit by the aliens force field and oxygen counter shows levels falling. Soldier enters the lab where he has to shoot and fight his way through. Portals also open up at various places in the building which the soldier has to enter. In these portals there are could be things to help the soldier in his mission to rescue the scientist and save his friend or there could be dangerous challenges he has to face. Every time he fails he loses 10% health, go down to 0%, GAME OVER.

More detailed

A scientist has finally made contact with an alien. The alien is to make a landing on earth to meet the scientist. The contact signal has also been intercepted by a soldier. He has gone to his superiors but they do not believe in his wild theories. The soldier and a friend arrive at the building opposite the roof of the science lab where the alien will land. The spaceship lands at night on the roof top. The alien leaves the spaceship and as he approaches the scientist he sees the two men on the opposite roof. He panics when he sees a weapon and shoots a force field over the soldier’s colleague (counter showing oxygen levels decreasing). The scientist goes into shock. The alien grabs him and enters the building from the roof top.

The soldier runs down his building and across to the science lab and this is where the gameplay begins….

The objective of the game is to initially find the alien, take the force field clock from his body to rescue his friend and determine why the alien is here.

The soldier has to find a way into the science building. He only has one weapon. He goes to the obvious choice, the front entrance, accept when he arrives there the door is locked electronically and the entrance is made of bulletproof and shatterproof glass (warning flashes this). He can’t enter using his weapon (he can try but will lose ammo and the bullets will ricochet, will lose 10% health if hit by bullet). A message appears scratched in the glass. ‘Reflect the laser light in the force field to burn the lock.’ This is done, by holding the correct shiny object between his friend’s force field and the door. Get it at the right angle and the lock will burn enabling the door to open. There are various shiny objects in a box outside the building (sticker on box indicates shiny objects inside). Using the controls choose and try. For every wrong attempt, time is being wasted and oxygen levels for the friend are going down. You also lose 10% energy. Once laser is directed correctly door opens and you can enter.

Enter into the reception area of a very modern looking high tech building. Walk cautiously but a television monitor switches on with the alien talking. The soldier sees the scientist tied to a chair. The alien talks to the soldier “ I am here to collect a compound from the scientist. I will take it back and strengthen my planet and will come back and take over the earth. Nothing you do will stop me in my mission.” The special compound takes time to produce. The soldier must stop the alien at all costs.

After the speech the television explodes. Take cover. If hit by glass lose 10% energy. Cautiously come out and as you walk around a portal opens up. There will be several of these portals opening around the building as you progress towards the lab where the alien is. These portals either contain something friendly or can be your worst nightmare. For example, through the first portal there will be a message to go back and pick a piece of the exploded tv as you may need this in your mission. Another portal will open at some other point in the gameplay where you will arrive in the alien’s planet and have to fight 10 aliens before you can go back. Again if you are attacked you lose 10% energy. Another portal will contain a black hole that the soldier free falls through. Catch the falling cloth and use it as a parachute to break the fall. If you crash land then lose 10% energy. Another portal will contain a laser you can use during challenges in the building as a first person shooter eg. Attacking robots, fighting off guard dogs, security officers. Many variations of portals…..

There will be many obstacles throughout the game to prevent you from finding the room where the scientist is preparing the newly formulated compound for the alien. For example, robots firing at you, guard dogs attacking you (this is where the piece of broken glass comes in handy), balls of chemicals flying at you. You have to avoid these balls by ducking out of the way. If one hits you then lose 10% energy. Reach 0% game over.

Not sure yet what the gameplay will be when soldier and alien come face to face.