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Final Kuno

This is my final character development drawing. I have added gloves as in the story it says ‘the rough edges cut through my gloves.’ I also added some dust and dirt on his clothes because of his climb upwards to the earth and as the story also says ‘ the mortar had somehow rotted’ The facial expression shows his frustration and exasperation of his climb.

Kuno 4D 2

Facial Expressions

Kuno Facial Expressions

These are different sketches of Kunos face. I felt the best expression for him was one of frustration, anguish, confusion, exasperation and sadness. This is because throughout the story he wants his mum to understand him and is angry with the living situation of his world.



2 3 4


face 2


Kuno character development from ‘The Machine Stops’


This is the start of my character development. I decided to work on the body proportions. This is not always easy as I have never really drawn human figures before.

Scan 9

This was one of my first ideas for Kuno body wise. I had already done face and hair development. Initially I felt that he would be quite young as he was curious and liked adventure. ‘What is  the harm of visiting the surface of the earth.’ I also designed his clothes to be smart but practical. I felt if you were living in small cells the clothes should not be fussy and easily wearable.

Scan 10

I continued with the same thought process and added pockets, a belt and walking boots.

Scan 11

I decided to try a completely different approach to Kuno’s clothes. I felt the other clothes may not be so good as you continue with the story because it says how he walks through tunnels to find an exit for the earth. I thought maybe some leisure\sports clothes would be better.


Scan 12

I felt that the clothes may have to be simpler and more leisurely as most of the time Kuno would be in his small ‘hexagonal cell.’ A simple trouser and tunic seemed to be clothes you can lounge around in. The lace details were added because I felt it were items he might add himself to look different from everyone else as he seemed to be his own person especially having views going against ‘the machine.’ ‘I want to speak to you not through the wearisome Machine.’ His shoes are also easy to wear and walk around his cell.


Scan 14

Here I did a complete turnaround and decided to go with no hair. I felt that because he was living underground in a machine it might be that he would look sickly because there is no fresh air. It might also be quite hot and stuffy so a bald head might be better.

Scan 15

Here I was thinking because the story is set in the future his clothes should have a space age feel. He has a small shield and dagger because he wants to go to the earth surface.

Scan 16

These are my final drawings. I kept with the simple trousers but added thin cuffs to the bottom so they would not rise up when he went climbing to the earth. I changed the tunic top into a sleeveless T-shirt. I felt that as he was living in a machine and temperature changes may occur he would want to be comfortable and thats why I added a cape to counter balance the hot and cold. The star details were added because he is fascinated by them. He imagines different images made from them eg. a man, a belt. I changed the lace detail from the previous drawing into star buttons. I added a logo of a star and as he imagined created a belt with stars.

I also realised as I continued reading the story that Kuno was strong because he was born with physical strength. I decided to draw muscle arms because he would need strong arms to climb up the shaft to the earth surface. His shoes were easy going for climbing and long walks. I added a laser sword because he talks about a sword that was carried by ‘men once.’

Scan 3 Scan 3 copy