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Video Production 2 – Week 1

We had to choose our own groups for this project. Me, Dee Kay and Steven linked together to make our group. We were given a brief to create opening credits and watched a few videos on this topic during the lecture.

We brain stormed various ideas. For example, comedy, crime, depression and thriller sequences. In the end we decided to go with an idea along the lines of a crime/thrller video.

description: based on hollow figures. These individuals who are psychotic in the head but deemed healthy by society. They do not feel or see the world in the same way as everyone else

Video shots which have a photo mask of the charactors. Detailed and quite close up portrait. Headshots. Based on a desk.. office type, files detective work, etc etc

Document film

Time lapsed video elements

Close-up shots, dark film-noir

Sepia, muted, obscured colour palette

Unfiended: facebook. Seriall killer that uses facebook to find its victums

3 characters

  • Saad
  • Steven
  • Dhruv









Video Production – week 4

Week 4, We have finished filming (Hooray!). We have been filming from 6pm till 10pm.  It was long filming and it was really cold outside. We continued filming at Tooting Broadway Station and then we did filming at Colliers Wood Station, our final destination. I was really happy the way the filming went and very pleased with the job done. We have done the hard part and I really enjoyed the filming and had a great time and it was fun. I am looking forward to editing.

Video Production – Week 2

Our group finally decided on an idea for our short film. The locations we chose were Waterloo, Tooting and Collier Wood train stations. We discussed how we were going to film such as different types of camera angles,what roles everyone was going to play in the film and when we were going to film. We made good progress and the teamwork was very positive. Here is the outline for the script of our film project.


  1. Ki filmed outside of a shop. WATERLOO
  2. Drops bag on the floor, retrieves all items, but leaves behind wallet.
  3. Saad walks behind me, notices wallet on the floor and picks it up.
  4. Examines wallet and identity card.
  5. Ki arrives at her house.
  6. Unpacks her bag and realises wallet in missing = distress
  7. DK calls Saad and asks if we are still meeting up TOOTING BROADWAY
  8. DK appears from Right side, Saad appears from the Left side.
  9. Saad explains DK, befor they can hang out they need to return this wallet.
  10. Saad pulls up the contact card, DK calls the number and speaks to Ki.
  11. Ki, DK, Saad meet at Colliers wood station.

Scene 1. Medium shot of overall location
Scene 2. Close up of what Ki is doing specifically, (reading a book, drinking tea)
Scene 3. Medium shot, Ki putting tea down and preparing to leave.
Scene 4. Close up shot of Ki exiting building
Scene 2
Scene 1. Medium shot – Rummaging of bag, bag drops
Scene 2. Close shot of contents spilt
Scene 3. Medium shot Ki walks off into station
Scene 4. Close up of wallet and ki walking off with bag, Saad retrieves wallet.

Scene 3
Scene 1. Close up following of the wallet in Saads hand
Scene 2. Medium shot over the shoulder
Scene 3. Close up of details in wallet
Scene 4. Medium shot of Saad calling

Scene 4 – TOOTING
Scene 1. Medium shot of Ki coming out the station and approaching cash machine
Scene 2. Close up shot of rummaging through bag looking for wallet, phone rings
Scene 3. Close up of phone ringing
Scene 4. Split screen of Saad and Ki conversation

Scene 5
Scene 1.
Split screen of DK and Saad conversation
Scene 2. Medium shot Time Lapse of Saad waiting, Saad explains in brief about returning wallet
Scene 3. Close up shot of DK with phone and wallet calling Ki
Scene 4. Split screen of Ki and DK conversation
Scene 5. Medium shot of DK and Saad going into the underground.

Scene 1. Close up shot of DK and Saad exiting the station
Scene 2. Close up shot of Ki walking towards the exit
Scene 3. Medium shot Ki, DK and Saad meet
Scene 4. Split screen of walking off in separate directions.