Taj Mahal and Environment


I have started creating the environment surrounding the Taj Mahal. This has been quite time consuming as I have had to add each individual tile, lay it in the right pattern and add each blade of grass. Ensuring the right textures and colours took a lot of research and time.

taj-mahal-1 taj-mahal-3

After a student tested my Taj Mahal using the Oculus his feedback was that it looked really realistic but he was unable to get inside the building as the doors were blocking his way. I tried opening them using a blueprint but as my doors were arched the blue print would not work because it was for straight doors. I have tried finding another way to solve this but so far have not been able to find a way to open the doors. In the meantime I have removed the doors so you can enter inside and will try and have a go at opening the doors again at a later date.




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