Production Processes

I created a logo that looks immersive and 3D to keep in line with the continuity of the immersiveness of VR and AR. I decided to shatter it with the explosion coming towards the viewer to grab their attention and draw them in.

I decided my video would begin with a simple introduction from myself. This would allow the viewer to associate the creator with the end product and make it more personal. I used a digital screen background to continue with the technological feel.

I flashed a real black and white picture of each wonder next to my models to enhance the colour and life of the experience to come.

I was able to place myself viewing the models but unfortunately I was not so successful with the roto brush tool and part of my head was missing. During the production process there was no issue with this but the problem was apparent after the rendering.

The Sketchfab VR app shot worked well as did the AR shot. All the scenes are quite self explanatory and the spinning earth at the end invites the viewer to go and visit these. Overall I really feel I have been quite successful advertising my project.


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