Adding Textures

Textures were added using the UV Editor in Maya. The technique was not too complicated but finding the correct textures was extremely hard. Initially I decided to find textures from specialised texture websites. This was literally impossible for the majority of the Taj Mahal as the decorations of the building are unique. Some of the marble material was similar on some websites but did not look quite right once I uploaded onto the arches. I decided the textures had to be taken from photos of the Taj Mahal. This was a time consuming process and took around two weeks of constant work and focus to find the correct materials. The problem was that there are hundreds of photos on the internet and of those they are either taken during the day so the sun forms many shadows or at night where the textures can not be seen clearly. The textures could not be tken form one photo because of this and so I trawled through hundreds of phots to get the correct textures for each part of the model and there were a lot of textures. This way I ensured the textures I used created a model that looked realistic and a complete structure and not a model which looked as if parts were taken from everywhere.


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