Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality using a highend headset is an experience no like other. The experience on a phone does not provide the same level of immersion but is quite inexpensive and can be used anywhere. The cheap cardboard headsets use biconvex lenses, which warp the images on display to the viewers field of view creating an illusion of depth through stereoscopy. The lenses do not need to be adjusted so can be used straightaway by anyone, anywhere. To enable the VR experience the phone uses the in built accelerometer and gyroscope to create the sense of movement and positioning using your head movement to direct which way you view the display. The old cardboard viewers had a magnetic button on the side, which used the phones magnetometer that when clicked would act as if you are pressing the phones touch screen. Later models of cardboard viewers have a button, which triggers a foam pad to activate the screen. Bluetooth controllers have become available but are not compatible with all headsets, phones and apps. This new technology is developing at a rapid pace and smartphone vr apps will become more immersive.



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