3D Character Animation in Unreal Engine 4

After a really informative tutorial by another student about a simple way for charater animation I decided to add some characters in my VR experience. They would be shown walking around as tourists viewing the wonders and when the audience views this thorough the rift it would create an even more immersive experience for them.

Using Adobe Fuse CC I chose and created this character from various templates and dressed him from the clothes options.



I next uploaded him into Mixamo which autiomatcally animates the character to your preference. I chose this character to walk.



I uploaded the character into the my environment of the Taj Mahal but it’s walk cycle lasted only for two steps. I needed to sort this out as I wanted him to walk continously along the path.


Found a youtube tutorial but following it did not create the desired effect.

After much thought I decided to use the skills I learnt last year for an animation module. I uploaded the character into Maya and used keyframes to animate every body part.


This worked and finally the character walked further. I will add more keyframes when I have more time and also need to sort out his face. I will also add more characters as I am confident with this now.



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