Presentation Double Project

I intend to create a virtual reality (VR) experience of Seven Wonders of the World with examples taken from ancient and modern times, nature and the solar system.

My idea is to create a virtual environment of these models for educational and tourism purposes. It is important for young people to understand the historical value and the importance of preserving these antiquities and buildings and the conservation issues for the natural world. The VR experience of visiting these environments would encourage travel and the different countries and tourism agencies would benefit economically.

Initially I will create the Taj Mahal and then model The Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, Bellrock Lighthouse, Great Barrier Reef, Amazon Forest and the Rings of Saturn.

I will use Maya software to create the 3D models and Unreal Engine linked to the Oculus Rift to make the VR environment. I will add sounds to match each model. For example, Indian classical music, to enhance the atmosphere of the Taj Mahal and make it more immersive.

I will also make a website which will have information about the Wonders of the World. This will be used as a marketing tool for my VR experience and an app I anticipate to produce. The Oculus Rift is expensive and though it provides a more realistic experience I want my VR experience to be used by more people and therefore an app, which can be uploaded to a smartphone will be available to more consumers.

Major issues are ensuring the correct settings are put in unreal engine so when you use the rift there is no motion sickness, or screen door effect. The models have to be to scale of the original to ensure an immersive experience.



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