Which Software?

I need to create 3D models for my Virtual Reality experience and then upload them into a games engine.

Which one?

Cinema 4D or Maya?

imgres    8991

I used Cinema 4D in year 1 and found it was quite easy to use once you learnt to move around the software but I did not find it as visually enticing. The finer details were never that clear. I did not find the software very challenging to use either.

I used Maya in year 2 and it was probably the most frustrating and time consuming software to learn and use but I enjoyed the challenge. Everytime I felt I had overcome a challenge another problem would arise and then another one but I enjoyed discovering solutions to these and often amazed myself how I got over the hurdles. In the end though I also found this software gave be better results in my modelling. Last years modules didn’t require a lot of modelling but when we did use Maya I found I wanted to learn how much more I could do.

After balancing the pros and cons of each software I decided to go ahead with Maya and give myself the challenge to learn whilst completing the project.


Unreal Engine or unity 

logo a0bb70e17aa4d8d999bd2239add52840

I used unreal engine for a couple of modules last year and feel confident with this. There is still lots to learn so decided that my VR experience would be a good place to learn. Also because the models will take time to complete I am not sure I will be able to find the time within the timeframe to learn about using a new software such as Unity.


Photoshop and Illustrator

wgeb7c6 itjt21vl_400x400

I will be using both these for different parts of the project, for example promotional material.


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