First Feedback

I received feedback for my original idea about creating the Taj Mahal for VR. It was thought it would be a good idea but needed something more to make the project come alive. I haven’t modelled in 3D to such fine details and knew the Taj Mahal would take some effort and research to create. There are a lot of images on the internet and plenty of books available but no one picture to make an accurate model. I need to put together images from the various places together to try and create a complete likeness of the model. This includes the textures to ensure the model is a lifelike model for that immersive experience.




Before I could work on the feedback I decided to see if could make a model. I started the modelling and found that with more research and effort I could create a model with the textures. My intial attempt to start the facade has been good though time consuming to get all the details in but I know that I will manage to complete the model within about three months, interior included.

I decided that to make the project more complete and interesting I would use this model as part of the Seven Wonders of the World experience. More research showed there are various lists of Seven Wonders eg Ancient or Natural World so decided to take one from each different list.

The Taj Mahal, The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Bellrock Lighthouse, Stonehenge, Great Barrier Reef, Amazon Forest and Rings of Saturn.

1024px-kheops-pyramid  bell_rock_lighthouse stonehenge2great-barrier-reef images url

I would make each of these models including the surrounding environments in 3D using Maya software and Unreal Engine.


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