Ideas for My Simulation

Ideas for my simulation

I will follow Aristotle’s thinking in that copying can be used for learning. Plato’s thoughts are quite negative and I believe that without some kind of imitation a lot of learning would be lost. Copying is not just following someone or something but can also be used for inspiration and improvement.

I will use the idea of indexicality in images to indicate a reality.

The idea of the camera obscura will be used to show a simulation of a real time event and its changing form.

Initially I had thought about creating Alexandra’s Lighthouse for my simulation but after this lecture it did not seem to fit the ideas of this module and after more research have decided to simulate the Great Barrier Reef and the effect climate change is having on it.



great-barrier-reef 5be40e3ec4b199c6d5f08d2b831e88cf8dadcbea

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