Digital Narrative – Week 5


  • Narrative that breaks the rules
  • Story is deconstructed
  • Story told through methods eg symbolism montage
  • It is easy to recognise an anti narrative
  • Contradictory chronologies
  • Collapsed narrative voices, therefore you don’t know who is speaking

Classic Cinema-Easy to follow and identify

Counter Cinema-Stories are ambiguous and more complex to understand

Surrealism- a strong emphasis on anti-narrative, something unreal and either dreamlike or nightmarish. Very popular in the 1920s when film makers rejected conventional narrative forms. 

Non-linear narrative

  • story is not told in order
  • overlaps, super-imposes, reverses and layers chronologies
  • mimics human recall and memory
  • can show multi perspective or multi narratives
  • demand a lot from the audience but is pleasurable to watch
  • non predictable
  • challenging to watch but manageable







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