Which Headset?: 03/03/2016


2016 is the year for virtual reality to really take off. So that’s what anyone who has any interest in technology is now saying. New headsets are hitting the market this year set to transform entertainment and gaming beyond recognition.

Oculus Rift

Invented by Palmer Luckey and now owned by Facebook. The Oculus has started the present re-invention of virtual reality and many others are now in competion to become the market leader.


Playstation VR (Sony’s Project Morpheus)

Idea to make the player feel as though they have stepped inside the world of the game is what Sony Computer Entertainment promises with its headset (Wareable, 2016).


HTC Vive

In partnership with Valve (US games company) created much excitement. Comes with two controllers and therefore more expensive than the others but to its advantage has a lighter headset because takes a lot of the technological software from your PC.


Samsung Gear VR

Oculus rift powered device and uses the Samsung Galaxy phone as its processor and display. Already available to buy, released in 2015 and a lot cheaper than the other highend headsets. No leads to connect so portable and many apps, games and TV shows already available to use.


Google Cardboard

Allows everyone to experience VR at a cheap and affordable price by placing your smartphone in the headset and choosing from any number of apps available from Google play store. This may not provide the same experience as the more expensive and more technological headsets but has brought VR into the 21st century.



Microsoft HoloLens

Now for something different. Using Windows 10 technology this augmented reality headset brings holograms into the real world. Unlike Google Glass which had the holograms hovering over your phone the Hololens brings 3D images into your room and with further development should be able to be locked so the viewer can walk round and view the object from all angles. Due to be released around Christmas 2016.


(Wareable, 2016) The Best VR Headsets Available at: http://www.wareable.com/headgear/the-best-ar-and-vr-headsets (Accessed:02 March 2016)

(Wareable, 2016) Sony Playstation VR Available at: http://www.wareable.com/project-morpheus/sony-project-morpheus-release-date-price-games (Accessed: 02 March 2016)



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