What is Virtual Space? – 18/02/2016

What is Virtual Space?

Dr Or Ettlinger believes three spaces can be visually experienced, therefore physical, mental and virtual. Physical space is where we live in everyday, mental space is our imaginations and virtual space is a space we see through the images into another area which allows us to see the images there. This virtual space can not be entered but is experienced in various ways. Another concept is the ‘virtual vs. physical’ and ‘real vs. simulacrum’ (representation of an object). For example the real pyramids of Egypt created thousands of years ago have been represented in Las Vegas.

According to Taylor’s article, anonymity, reliability and developing technology are issues that still need further research for the virtual world to make sense.

My opinion on virtual reality is that it is a place where you can enter and experience a life that otherwise might not be possible. Creators can create worlds that can make dreams come true and for a little while a person can escape their own realities.


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.42.59




American Behavioral Scientist-1999-TAYLOR-436-49.pdf




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