Virtual Space – 25/02/2016


AR/VR applications:

  • Military-used to simulate combat situations and training
  • Simulators for airlines and racing cars-used fro training pilots and drivers
  • Medical-used in remote operations or treatment for various disorders eg. PTSD, injuries after an accident or treatments for a phobia.
  • Architectural planning-allows various designs to be experimented with.
  • Product design-allows any defections to be corrected saving money in the long run.
  • Virtual tours-see places you have never seen before and enter areas of buildings that you might not otherwise physically be able to reach.
  • Gaming-be right in the game and experience the worlds like never before.
  • Communications-People able to communicate around the world

The CAVE system

A virtual environment in which you are fully immersed. Images are projected in a cube like room. The viewer wears reality glasses or a head mounted display. The interaction and immersion is called telepresence. Joysticks and data gloves are used for interaction. Data gloves allow you to grab objects and manipulate them in the virtual world. This is known as haptics and the feedback the user feels is known as force feedback. This tactile feedback is very important for immersive VR and strengthens the user’s experience.

VR and AR technologies are in a grey area for the law as there are no regulations as yet. The impact of these technologies on sociological or psychological values is also unknown and will only be determined as the technology develops further and becomes more popular.

Various students experienced the oculus rift. They all found it pretty amazing.


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