Virtual Space – 18/02/2016

Group Seminar

We were split into groups of 3/4, had to read two different texts and then discuss our thoughts on virtual space.


American Behavioral Scientist-1999-TAYLOR-436-49.pdf

My group feedback:

Life in the virtual world:

  • Actual virtual space
  • Places you can communicate e.g. chatroom/MSN
  • Not only 3D places
  • Avatar based
  • User interacting with the avatar
  • Person creates an avatar and can be a projection of yourself
  • Using virtual reality to escape real life
  • Anonymity
  • Reliability – online job interviews can easily deceive the employer/employee
  • Automated-text messaging, phone calls
  • Can have a ‘God role’ in the virtual world
  • Instant rewards
  • Expectations and experiences influence observations
  • Reality is that even when



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