Project Concept

My Idea

There are many applications for adults in VR so my first thought was to engage children in a space where they could be immersed but would be familiar. After much research I found there were already many expedition applications, world tours and space explorations. I was also inspired by how this form of learning made children want to learn and explore these environments and also how VR was used as assistive technology for the disabled (About Health, 2016).

I decided that storytelling would be a good idea and decided to go back to the beginning and use fairytales as my idea. Next step, which tale to tell? Remembering my favourite stories I decided to go with Hansel and Gretel because the house of sweets has always fascinated me and artistically this would visually work in the simulated world.

It might not be possible to create the full story with the timescales but I will use the scenario with the house to bring the story to life.

final logo

About Health (2016) Benefits of Virtual Reality for Children Available at:

(Accessed: 01 March 2016)

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