Do we want VR? : 15/03/2016


 Do we want VR?

It is reported that less than 1% of PCs used globally will have the power to facilitate the high end virtual reality devices. So why are forecasters suggesting 2016 will the year VR will finally take off? Despite the high price the Oculus Rift has exceeded expectations and new pre-orders are being delayed. 15000 HTC Vives were sold in the first 10 minutes when released on 29th February 2016. Sony has undercut the other two headsets and announced on 15th March 2016 that it will sell the Playstation VR for $399 and predicted 1.6 million headsets will be sold before 2017. Samsungs Gear VR sold out when released in November 2015 helped by its price of $99. Is this a novelty or is VR here to stay? Well over five million Google cardboards have already been shipped since 2014, 25 million Google cardboard apps have been downloaded and 350,000 hours of VR video has been seen. Even though the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR use smartphones for the VR experience and do not have the quality of immersion as the more expensive devices, they are a good early indication that consumers are enjoying the VR experience and more likely to spend money to get the best reality experience.

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