Consumer Thoughts…. : 08/03/2016


What do people think about virtual reality?

The tech industry believes VR and AR will be the latest craze and change life as television, computers, smartphones and the internet have done previously. The difference though is that VR is a tried and tested technology, which failed during its introduction to the mainstream during the 90s. Initially films like Tron (1982) and later The Lawnmower Man (1992) made audiences believe that an interactive world was well within reach. It did not live up to expectations with rudimentary technology and worlds that did not provide the immersive experience as promised. This time round with advancements in technology and consumer devices industry specialists believe VR is going to become a totally immersive experience in the world of games, entertainment and other applications eg. health, education and will be here to stay. The question is though what do consumers think of this reincarnation….

Worldwide, only 23 percent of people are convinced virtual reality is as good as the real thing, according to a survey by analyst firm GfK

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 20.27.43


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