Application use for VR – Phobias – 27/02/2016


VR and Phobias

Virtual reality allows the participant to be immersed in an environment interacting within that environment. This allows the user to directly exercise control over the environment (Minsky 1997 p.94) Virtual reality has been used in many applications for example, military, education and health care. One example is in the treatments of phobias. Previously cognitive-behavioural therapy was used but now anxiety disorders or the fear of something can be alleviated using virtual or augmented reality. Immersing the patient into the virtual environment they are fearful of and controlling the amount of exposure they receive has proved successful in overcoming phobias. This is also because they are experiencing their fear in privacy and not a public place.

Seidel, J and Chatelier,P  (1995) Virtual Reality’s Training’s Future? Plenum Press: New York.

Virtual realitys training’s future?  Plenum Press New York.







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