360 Degree Space – 13/02/2016


360 Degree Space

360 degree panoramic paintings were first invented by an Irish painter Robert Barker in the 18th Century (The Panorama). These images were painted inside a cylindrical platform known as a cyclorama. The audience would stand in the middle of the cyclorama and be surrounded by the images allowing them to experience scenes as if they were there in reality. This immersive experience, would be further enhanced by music and a storyteller (Mobile Cyclorama, 2016). In 1955 Walt Disney introduced the Circle Vision 360 cinema allowing the audience to be completely surrounded by the images (Theme Park Tourist, 2014). Google street view created in 2007 bought the idea of the cyclorama back to life. Raul Moyado Sandoval used an app called mobile cyclorama which was created for tablets and virtual reality headset to give paintings a new digital format and provide a 3D immersive quality (The Creators Project, 2015).



dk2-product   High-quality-DIY-Google-Cardboard-Virtual-Reality-VR-Mobile-Phone-3D-Viewing-Glasses-for-5-0


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