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Interactive Gameplay – Week 13

Today was a workshop and we continued working on our games. Our game is going well but still having problems with the main menu. Spoke to Haris about it and he thought I might not have correctly followed a tutorial or missed out some files. He gave me another tutorial to follow. I spent some time doing this but still having the same problem where the main menu does not start the level. Haris thought I might have been only creating one map but after checking I do have two maps but there just seems to be some problem connecting the main menu to the level. Getting really frustrated with this now and after checking with Haris he said this was not part of the criteria for the module. We might get an extra mark but if we were still having issues we could scrap the idea. I will try again at home but the closer it is getting to deadline day I am cutting it fine but will persevere a couple more times and see if I can resolve the issue. Will update if and when attempted…..

Me and Steven continued tidying up the design document. Michael was also finally here and still promising the audio, still a waiting game…. Both me and Steven have decided that we will find whatever audio we can as a back up just in case Michael doesn’t pull through.

We also had a couple of the students road test our game. Their feedback was pretty positive. They liked it visually and said that to look at it, it seems like it would be an easy challenge and does what it says on the box and that was a game for all ages which should be very easy to play and complete. They were in for a little shock because when they started playing they did struggle a few times to get past the first stage. They liked the little surprises like the jumping alligators and crumbling bridge. In the end they said they were really enjoyed playing the game and it was very deceiving in its simplicity because it actually turned out to be quite challenging. Really happy, because this game took a lot of research and effort to get it working. Steven’s concept was very strong but having never used unreal engine before it was a definitely a learning curve to create the game.

Overall, a mixed day. Frustrated with the issues of the main menu but happy the game was well received.


Interactive Gameplay – Week 12

Why buy or play a game? Is it because of the story, graphics or technical aspects? What is more important, content or technical aspects? If the content is good why do the graphics or technical faults effect your play?

Two types of games 

Triple A

  • Lack of innovation
  • 1000s of people work on one game
  • Specialists for each part of the game
  • Tight control over development
  • Extended deadlines/release dates
  • Lots of levels of management so communication has to work well

Top three gaming genres for Triple A games

  • Action
  • Shooter
  • Sports


  • More creative freedom

More people are now able to develop and sell their games but there are so many similar games now.

We also continued with our glitch projects because the deadline was the next day.

We also got feedback on how are games were going. Me and Steven got very positive feedback and all the frustrations of creating it seemed worthwhile.


Group Chat for Game Project – Saad, Steven and Michael

Me and Steven decided to make a start on creating our game in Unreal Engine 4 so we could start getting feedback from each other, Michael and Haris. We had already discussed Stevens interpretation of how he wanted his game to look like. Steven sent me a rough sketch of the level design.

I started creating the platforms in unreal engine. Our game is 2d so I was trying to create a flat version in unreal engine. I could not figure how to do this even after going through loads of tutorials on the internet. In the end I figured that even though the game is 2d in the unreal engine environment we would make the game with the character moving backwards and forwards and use the side scroller 2d template.


5th November 2015

Steven: I’ve set up a Facebook chat for the progression of our game prototype stuff. From Steven

Saad: Thanks And I am working on game schedule and will send you guys soon

12200719_10208223880254511_1223814867_n (1)

Saad: Hey Guys, Here is the Game Production Schedule and waiting for feedback and so I will send to Harris tomorrow.

Steven: Looking good Saad. Nice colour coding and layout, it will be fine to send.

Saad: Thanks and I will wait for Michael by tomorrow if not I will sent it and it should be ok


6th November 2015

Michael:  im tottaly ok with that, just audio think – i would do this earlier like in week 6 or 7

Saad: Ok, I will change it and then I will send to Harris. Thanks

Michael: Cool,thanks


12th November 2015

Steven: Hey everyone, I’ve written a list of specifications for the game and what software to use for each topic. We can go through it in lesson (if it happens!)

Saad: Brilliant, that really good and looking forward to have at it today.

Saad: Hey Michael, just wondering that you were not in class today and have you given any        further thought about your part of making the game. Haris was asking for updates but not sure if you had any thoughts about your parts.


15th November 2015

Steven: Hey there. I’ve created a design document for the game, in time content will be added.

Saad: Brilliant and Well done, No contact from Michael yet?

I have started looking at 2d game mechanics on unreal engine 4

Steven: Nice one. If I can get any response from him, I’ll let you know.

Saad: Ok, Thanks 🙂



20th November 2015

Steven: Hey there Saad. I’m just spacing out content on the design document. Would it be okay if you could start constructing a level? Start with this for now: -Blue Sky -Ground Dark Green gradually to Light Green I’ll design some golfing platforms and bridge ideas later. Any thing else you want to add, just say.

Saad: Yes, that fine is the idea for the level in the document because I need to know what to create.

Steven: Not yet, I’ll get one drawn up as soon as possible.

Saad: Ok, that fine and send me rough sketch whenever you can and I will start straight away.

Game Level Design


Steven:  Here’s a sketch of the level. I’ll send this via gmail, not sure if it can be accessed here. Nevermind, it works on here 😀

Saad: Thanks Steven and I will work on it on unreal engine 4 on this weekend and we have made good start.

Steven: Okay then, good start so far.

Saad:  🙂


22nd Novemebr 2015

Game Prototype 1

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.27.51

Saad:  Hi, Here is game level so far but it took age to find how to create 2d side scroller so I       used Side Scroller in unreal engine 4 But I am trying to figure out how to create ladder but still no clue so we will ask Harris about this. I will keep trying if I can.

I have added grass and blue sky so far

is it how you want the scene to look?
here is video of game that I have created in unreal engine 4
check it out


Steven: Looking good, that’s how I visualise it. If possible could you add some a gap in the scenery, as in one floor, a gap then another floor?

Saad: no problem will try and get that done.



23rd November 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.47.52

Saad: hi, can you make character sprite?  Here is image of character sprite example.

Steven: Nice one. I’ll get one started.

Game Prototype 2

Saad:  cool, did you check video in group facebook chat i have made that you told me last night?

Steven: I did.

Saad: ok, is that ok?

Steven: Looks good though I think there’s too many gaps. I was planning maybe 1 long stretch of green, 1 gap and then another long stretch of green.

Saad: ok, that fine and i will do that

           check this out now


Game Prototype 3

Steven: Yeah, looks better 🙂
Saad:  🙂
Michael:  Hi guys
                  Let me know what you need me to do for Thursday
                   I’m in bad shape, i have problem with health.
                  Sorry I didn’t let you know earlier

Saad:  ok, how are you feeling?  Check with Steven as He is in charge of this project. here is                      video that I have made in unreal engine 4 so far.

Michael: I will. Thanks
Steven: This is current progress on the sprite. Warning, it’s quite a small size!
Saad: lol, it look good and funny 🙂
Michael: Thump Up.

24th November 2015
Steven: Hey there. I’ve drawn a sprite of the villain, just drawing some of the weapons.
Saad: Good job 😀

27th November 2015
Steven:  Hey people. Just a heads up. I’ve drawn the upper body of my main character’s walking                 sprite, I won’t be able to work on Photoshop till Sunday evening or Monday.
Michaeł:   Hey steven r u able to sent me your presentation?
                  My mail :
                  Im sorry i wasnt at college
                  Im feeling so bad lately

Saad:   Steven, that good job and looking forward to see it and Michael, ok, hope you are feeling better

30th November 2015
Steven:   Hey there everyone. I’ll write up some stuff later about the audio/sfx. Still doing some                   sprites for the characters.
Saad:  ok, cool smile 🙂
Michael: Thump Up!

1st December 2015


Steven:  During Level Casual and relaxing with a medium pace. Boss Battle Dramatic sounding                   music with a fast pace.
              Getting Hit/Enemy Hit Whistle sound effect for animal AI. Heavy harsh clanking sound                   for enemy vehicle AI. I’ve posted some ideal audio effects for the above for Michael.                       Saad, would it be possible to include sand bunker texture and lake?
Saad:  Yes sure, I will do that.

We been contact each other over Christmas Holiday
 12th December 2015

Saad:  hi guys, here is the game i have made so far in unreal engine 4,  check it out and what do you think?

Michael:  Awesome *_*
Steven:  Nice job, that’s how I imagined it. like emoticon I’ll work more on drawings in the week                 ahead.
Saad:   Cool, still working on it and will send you in updating soon

14th December 2015
Saad: Hey Guys, here is updating game i have made so far and I have add main character and                 add some new level and Check it out and what do you think so far?
Steven: Looking good Saad. I might have to revisit some of the Gary drawings. I drew some                        other sprites, which I can send another time.
Saad: Ok, let me know how it goes?

15th December 2015
Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 15.08.49
Steven : Here are some drawings. Top Left (Drawing 2), Top Right (Drawing 3), Bottom Left                           (Drawing 4), Bottom Right (Drawing 1). Sorry for the messy layout!
Saad: Ok, thanks I will add into the game

16th December 2015

Steven:  Slight update of the design document as it currently looks, some of the pictures have a                 colour background.

Saad: It looking really good and good start on design document.

 21th December 2015
Saad: hey guys, here is the game so far?
Steven: Impressive Saad. Is it possible to make the pigeon enemy a bit bigger, have it floating in                the air? And when Gary is standing still, have it the same height when he’s running?
Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 22.10.44
Steven: I’ve sent a zip file of latest sprite edits, from December 18


Saad: Thanks Steven, is it all updating?
            I will make better like you said.
           Can you send me updating document design so i will have look at it and will add some                  part of it like level design?

22nd December 2015
Saad: Thanks Steven

27th December 2015
Saad: Hey guys, hope you are having good christmas
Saad: here is the game so far and I have add AI in this game so far.
Steven: Looking great Saad. I like what you’ve done with the AI 🙂
Michael: Im almost done on audio ill give it to u before weekend.
Saad: Thanks and looking forward the audio.
Steven: Good effort everybody. I’ll try and draw up a visual cutscene, like you see at the                              start of a game.
Saad:  😀

28th December 2015
Saad: Hey guys, I have updated the game with add more AI and the bridge turn into broken                    then fall off.
Steven: Nice one 🙂 Is it possible to make the bridge crumble only when the player is on it?
Saad: Ok, I will try it

29th December 2015
Saad: Hi guys, Check this part of the game now. Hope you like it. I was wondering what to do                  about Greg. How about mole in the hole type event. I have to work out how to do it but it            will bring Greg in earlier in the game for some more excitement and also let Gary use his              club. We will try to figure out how to add the vehicles later on if we can.
          here is example:
Steven:  Looking good. I was intending to have Greg on the screen, then disappearing and                           that’s where the tank comes in. When you beat it, Greg runs off. Decent idea with the                   mole though.
Saad:  Sorry I don’t understand, please can you clarify what you just said?
Steven:  Sure. When you get to the end of the stage, Greg is there with his ‘loser’ speech bubble                 then he runs off, the tank comes onto the screen (you don’t see Greg enter the tank).
Saad: Oh ok, will work it and Hi, just wonder any update the game design document?
Steven: I’ll send it to you in a minute, just putting some new stuff on it.
Steven:  One favour, could you put your first name and student number underneath my                             details? It will be on the cover page.
Saad: That looking good and sure I will add on it

2nd JANUARY 2016
Saad: hey michael, any luck about audio?
Michaeł: Almost done. Studio is closed for the weekend so on monday u will have all
                 Dont worry
Saad: ok that fine and thanks

3rd  JANUARY 2016
Saad: GTGG Design Document 002 .docx
            Hey Guys, I have updated the design document a little bit. I have left all of Stevens bits                 and just added some extra. Check it out and let me know if your happy with it and then                 will tidy it up some more.
            but still need to add more details. Will work on it at college together.Everyone keep                       adding on their ideas.
and I have updated the game by adding more challenging AI.

4th JANUARY 2016
Steven: Looking good, nice design document as well. I wasn’t sure what to put on it!
Saad: Glad you like both but still need to add some technical stuff on it. We will need to research this and add on at some point.
We still need to design a games cover so our game will look more complete and think about whether we should Photoshop some of those extra challenge ideas ourselves so it looks like our idea and work. We can all share this job. What do u think?
Also just wondering if we should add Greg in various parts of the game because he is the main enemy and it will show him getting angrier as he fights Gary in challenge s like mole in the hole and pushing him into another hole etc. Then then last part can be the boss battle with the tank. We can try to condense all of this into the game. What do u think?
Steven: For the game cover, we can sort it out
In my opinion, I think we should keep Greg till the end of the level. It will keep people guessing into who the character is.
I have to create another sprite, it will be a Gary token
Saad: Ok, that fine.

6th JANUARY 2016

Steven: How’s the audio coming on Michal?

Saad: Hey Michael, any luck about audio. I need it by tomorrow you promised it 2 weeks ago.

Hey Steven can you make the game cover?  What Greg do at end of game?

Steven:   I’ll get working on it, will do it for Tuesday. When Greg loses he runs off screen (he is a coward when confronted!) grin emoticon

 Saad: Ok, good

10th JANUARY 2016
Saad: Hi Steven just checking what is the blue armour for and how do u get it?
Steven: The armour has its own hit points, health stays normal. I was planning, to collect you walk through it like the golf balls.

11th January 2016
Saad: GTGG Design Document 3.docx
Hey Guys, I have updated the design document. have a look at it and if you need to add anything add it in colour so we can update this as the next version.
Steven: Thanks

14th January 2016
Steven: Just updating the design document, adding a contents page to it.
Saad: Ok good thinking
These are .wav files, did you want the mp3 format as well?
Saad: it is not working and the download is showing as jpeg. send the mp3 format and wav format too
you can send me email and it might work.
Steven: I’ll try email, apologies

17th January 2016


these are the sounds i have for you guys
if there is anything missing let me know ill try to make it/find it
if you will have any problems
let me know on my mobile 07769991307
im not that often on facebook
Saad: Ok, thanks I will have look at it
Michael:  hey guys if you could give me your emails ill share it with you on google drive
michael checked your audio but it keeps opening in cinema 4d and is not recognised. Had to turn off the security settings on my internet as well. Send the audio on google drive and i will try that way.
Michael:  dont you have winrar? im uploading again
Saad: No I don’t have one and can you transfer to wav?


Michael: its wav

Saad: Ok, can you send me without winrar like send me email?

Michael:  i send it again folder with files you should have it now.

Saad: I have requested you to give me access to open the file

Michael:  try now–cV7O09am54eV9fUFp6bGc     is it fine now?

Saad: I have got them now. I will try and add these ones. I did already add audio last night but will try and transfer the sounds to your ones. Will let u know in about an hour if it worked.

Michael: ok, let me knwo if you are missing something

Saad:  Will do Can you give me reference for sound because I need add in design document? And will can’t your sound until you give me sound reference?

Michael: what kind of reference

Saad: The links from where u found the audio. And if you created them yourself then how u created them and on what date. Haris send we have to reference everything otherwise will lose marks.

Michael: ok, ill wirte it for you

Saad: Ok, thanks

Steven:  Video Game Sounds.docx Here are the ones I found the other day with Harvard Referencing.

Saad: Thanks Steven, and Michal, I need it by today

18th January 2016

Saad: Michal, Any update about sound referencing?






Create collecting golf balls in 2D game in unreal engine 4

Collect the golf ball 

To collect golf balls in 2D game like collecting  coins.

I researched various youtube videos on how to create collecting coins in 2D game in unreal engine 4.

Here is the video tutorial of collecting coins which I followed. It really helped but lots of blueprints to do.

This is how collecting the golf balls blueprint looks like.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 22.24.41 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 22.24.22

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 22.05.16Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 22.05.19

video of collecting the golf balls:



Trying to create AI on Unreal Engine 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!)

Last 2 days I have been trying to use AI against the main character in 2D Side scroller in Unreal Engine 4. I did a lot of research on how to create the  AI in youtube, websites and Unreal Engine 4 but nothing. Been doing this for 5 hours over 2 days and nothing is happening and not working. I am very annoyed and frustrated. Just don’t understand why and why it is not working?????????? 😦

Here are some of my tries…..

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 19.58.03 Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 19.58.09


AI 1

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.48.46 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.48.57 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.49.25



AI 2

I am following this youtube but nothing so I am trying this and the AI character is not coming up.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.33.42 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.35.57Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.33.55

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 20.33.23



Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 20.01.13



Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 21.22.04

Here is another link I have tried.

I  tried again and again and again but nothing!!!!!!!!!!

this is the most frustrated i have ever been.


I have researched that to use 2D AI in blueprint can be difficult but 3D AI can be used in blueprint.

I have followed this tutorial for 2D AI in side scroller in Unreal Engine 4.

I have decided to use Matinee to make 2D AI move and throw their object at the main character.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.38.09

I have used keyframe in Matinee to make AI move around in 2D side Scroller.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.38.56

That is how the Alligator moves in 2D side Scroller towards Gary the main character.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.38.59

and also I have done the same with bird as Alligator.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.58.03 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.58.08 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.58.11

I am not sure if I am doing the right thing in 2D but main thing I have added AI in this game.

Here is the video with the AI moving in 2D Side Scroller in unreal engine.

It took me 2 weeks to understand AI in unreal engine 4. (headache)



Golf club lift in up and down in 2D

I have created the Golf Club lift in up and down in 2D side Scroller in Unreal Engine 4.

I have researched lots of websites about unreal engine as well as the unreal engine website itself. I  followed the website and used Matinee to move the golf club lift in up and down.

This is the link I followed to move the golf club lift  up and down. I found it pretty easy to figure out and use.

Here are 2 videos showing the golf club moving up and down.

2D Paper Character

I have created a 2D paper character in Unreal Engine 4. Firstly Steven created Gary, the main character in photoshop. He was going to be responsible for creating all the characters. I asked him to create every single sprite character walking forward, right and left side and idle in photoshop. He sent me the various images.

I uploaded the PNG into unreal engine and transferred it into a sprite. I animated the character using flip book. I used a blueprint template to do this.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 23.25.52 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 23.26.12 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 23.18.51

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 23.27.111


Video 1

Sprite is not drawn as if it was walking so Steven decided to improve on this.

Video 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 23.26.57

This an improvement on the last sprite.