Network Aesthetics – Week 9

Website feedback

It was feedback day for our website presentation. Matt told me that I had a good strong presentation. It was well structured with a clear purpose. It was also easy to follow. The use of font and big titles was also good. Matt liked the academic research I had shown to support my website idea. Matt felt I had a strong concept. I had also shown some technical information, which was liked. The questions from the audience also showed they were interested and I was told I answered them well.

On the negative side I had too much information and needed to condense the contents on each slide. Having more bullet points would have been better. The presentation also needed to be paced better so the audience would remain engaged.

Matt felt I would be getting marks in the 60+ range and maybe higher once the final marks were verified. I was very pleased with this as I really struggle with presentations because of my speech and hearing impairment.



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