Interactive Gameplay – Week 13

Today was a workshop and we continued working on our games. Our game is going well but still having problems with the main menu. Spoke to Haris about it and he thought I might not have correctly followed a tutorial or missed out some files. He gave me another tutorial to follow. I spent some time doing this but still having the same problem where the main menu does not start the level. Haris thought I might have been only creating one map but after checking I do have two maps but there just seems to be some problem connecting the main menu to the level. Getting really frustrated with this now and after checking with Haris he said this was not part of the criteria for the module. We might get an extra mark but if we were still having issues we could scrap the idea. I will try again at home but the closer it is getting to deadline day I am cutting it fine but will persevere a couple more times and see if I can resolve the issue. Will update if and when attempted…..

Me and Steven continued tidying up the design document. Michael was also finally here and still promising the audio, still a waiting game…. Both me and Steven have decided that we will find whatever audio we can as a back up just in case Michael doesn’t pull through.

We also had a couple of the students road test our game. Their feedback was pretty positive. They liked it visually and said that to look at it, it seems like it would be an easy challenge and does what it says on the box and that was a game for all ages which should be very easy to play and complete. They were in for a little shock because when they started playing they did struggle a few times to get past the first stage. They liked the little surprises like the jumping alligators and crumbling bridge. In the end they said they were really enjoyed playing the game and it was very deceiving in its simplicity because it actually turned out to be quite challenging. Really happy, because this game took a lot of research and effort to get it working. Steven’s concept was very strong but having never used unreal engine before it was a definitely a learning curve to create the game.

Overall, a mixed day. Frustrated with the issues of the main menu but happy the game was well received.


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