Interactive Gameplay – Week 12

Why buy or play a game? Is it because of the story, graphics or technical aspects? What is more important, content or technical aspects? If the content is good why do the graphics or technical faults effect your play?

Two types of games 

Triple A

  • Lack of innovation
  • 1000s of people work on one game
  • Specialists for each part of the game
  • Tight control over development
  • Extended deadlines/release dates
  • Lots of levels of management so communication has to work well

Top three gaming genres for Triple A games

  • Action
  • Shooter
  • Sports


  • More creative freedom

More people are now able to develop and sell their games but there are so many similar games now.

We also continued with our glitch projects because the deadline was the next day.

We also got feedback on how are games were going. Me and Steven got very positive feedback and all the frustrations of creating it seemed worthwhile.



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