My Glitch Storyboard (not Final)

I sketched different ideas for the glitch project. My group decided that each of us would create storyboards with our ideas and then we would choose one or a combination of ideas.

My rough ideas for glitch.

glitch scan 1

My first idea was a head that starts glitching after it is overcome by words, numbers and scientific formulas.

glitch scan 2

Another idea was having the flags from the countries of the united nations glitching as politicians heads are shown talking and arguing.

glitch scan 3

Another idea was that we don’t know what happens behind closed doors and as the camera pans up the road various sounds come out from the houses eg baby crying, party sounds, arguing, tv sounds. As this happens the houses glitch as does the environment and images of the sounds being heard.

glitch scan 4

Old weapons glitching to new modern versions.

glitch scan 5

Aeroplane glitching in a thunderstorm and breaking up and the the earth glitching as it falls through the sky.

glitch scan 6

Pyramids glitching and breaking up.

glitch scan 7

Logos glitching out of a computer screen.


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