Interactive Gameplay – Week 11

We continued from week 10 and did role plays. I was partnered with Khushboo

The role we have to play:

You and your partner are cousins. You are in one of your homes, in the bedroom. The parents are downstairs.
There is a creak from the room above, the attic. It should be empty. What will your characters do?
  1. We both looking at phone
  2. K heard the funny sound
  3. K asked me what was the sound?
  4. S said what sound?……oh yeah that sound
  5. K said there is a ghost in your house.
  6. S said there is no such ghost and I have been live this house many year.
  7. K said we should go to check out.
  8. S said Ok, let check it but no ghost.
  9. S opened the door and but nothing there.
  10. K said there is something
  11. S said alright, I will go check it out
  12. K said there is the box but something is glowing and we should opening and check it.
  13. S is opening the box
  14. Glowing out of the box and s and k feel cover the eye.
  15. The End

It was fun.

After that we had our blogs checked.


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