Interactive Gameplay – Week 10

We registered our group on the Asana website to help us monitor and manage our group work.

We then learnt how to export from Maya into Unreal engine.

The rest of the lecture was about creating stories for games. Each game has two sides, the game designers perspective and the players story.

The game designers story is pre-determined. It doesn’t change as you play except the way the game outcomes have been designed. Playing styles can change with the story but some games allow for more exploration than others and therefore more freedom. Levels become stories. The best narrative is for both the game designers and player stories to combine together. For example Portal 2 the mission is part of the story (game designer story) but how the player goes through the mission is where the player decides (players story).

The most important part of any story are the characters. Stronger characters make the story more interesting. We were all asked which TV characters we like. The common feature was that the characters make up the stories of the television programmes. Strong characters have a moral code, a unique appearance and individual personalities. The choices characters make move the story forward. A character must be shown to react in different situations just as a person would in real life. It is also important to make sure characters are shown not to be perfect just as in real life humans are very imperfect. Another factor to creating interesting characters are the way they interact with each other. Having contrasting characters makes the story interesting and exciting and takes it up to another level.

Villains are very interesting and can be developed into characters that you can only imagine. You can make them as cruel and bad as you want or have good and evil blurring the lines.

After this lecture I understood more about how a character should be developed for a game and that characters in a game are not so different from film and TV characters or even book characters. Game characters in a way can be created and developed beyond your imagination but they do need a definition for the audience to be able to interact with them and feel connected to them.

At the end of the lecture we were told to continue playing Half Life Two.


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