Groups Feedback for Glitch Model

Before I started the model  Karl gave us tasks to do for the glitch:

4 DECEMBER 2015 09:42

Karl: Hey Guys, just a reminder of tasks for next week preferably on tuesday.

Ryan – Final storyboard of the concept (Sa’ad send him your storyboard sketches) and also           if you can model a low polygon head.

Steven – Find 2 or 3 different items of the each sound on the list we created. For those we             do not find we need to create ourselves.

Sa’ad – Create the room and environment in Maya, be careful of measurements and try to            use real-life measurements for accuracy (use Google to search how big a monitor is etc.)

Karl – Using Sa’ads Polygon head as a test, do some exploding particle effects in Maya and           also screen transitions and glitch effects in after effects.

Steven:  Nice one. Currently looking for sounds as we speak.

Saad:  Sure, I am working on it and will send storyboard to Ryan.

             Karl, do you want me send the polygon head to you or you want to wait till Tuesday,                                  depending how many memory maya files in email, Dropbox or Facebook?

Karl: send it via dropbox bro

Saad: Ok, I will send you.

But…. it does not work so I have sent an email to Karl rather than dropbox so should work now. Also I have sent the storyboards I have created to Ryan to help with the concept idea.

glitch storyboard 2                 glitch storyboard 1

I continued to make office model in Maya.

After creating the model I got feedback from my group via Facebook Chat.

Here is feedback of Office room Model:


Saad:  Hi, Here is office room so far and still working on it, feedback please

Steven: Looks promising. Are we having a person in the scene at all or just the glitch head?

Karl:  keep the room white,  like try having white wood and white wood flooring , same with the monitor, trust me

Saad:  Ok, I will do that,   Far as I know it is going to be glitch head.


Saad:  Is that how you want it to be?
            do you want table and chair in white as well?
Karl:  Yeah all white wood or white marble

Saad:  Ok, I will do that

            Did you get email from me about 3D low polygon head?
Karl: Yeah it worked bro thanks


6 DECEMBER 2015 19:22


Saad:  Hi Guys, what do you think so far?  feedback please

Ryan:  Darker room, Like the walls could be darker
Saad: Karl said everything has to be white and everyone take a vote on what colour scheme it                should have and will do that.
Ryan:  What why, Looks bland
Ryan: Ignore the floor
Saad:  Ok, will work on it and will change the wall colour to the darker shade
Ryan:   The concept it’s all about how humanity it going to cause mass extinction, inspired but                 the recent terrorist attacks and how we deal with the situation with bombing. So it’s                       quite a dark themed atmosphere.
12324964_10208394713005223_1323015255_n 12351148_10208394712965222_1208404090_n
Saad:  hey, is it any better? and which one?

Karl:  I like the green,  I said white but not pure white like you do have to use a light source So it             casts different light

Steven: Hello people. I decided to record 3 seperate room ambience clips. I’ve saved them as                     an mp4, should I send them or wait till we meet in college?
Karl: Till we meet I guess
Ryan: Till we meet again
Steven: Cool, thats great

7 DECEMBER 2015 21:06

Saad: Hey Guys, Here is the room for glitch.

Karl: can you make the screen like a vibrant blue or green that when it comes to animating                   something on the screen its easier,  looking good,  i mean the computer screen

Saad: Do you want just plain blue or green and or icon on it?

Karl:  no just plain so we can change it in after effects, make it really like a green screen

Saad: ok, no problem
Saad: is that what you want?
Karl: yup thats good bro
         can you make one version blue and one version green just incase
         so 2 seperate versions, thats for me on my part
Saad: Ok, I will do that and will give you 2 separate versions tomorrow. 🙂
After this I have done my job for model so We have to meet together about glitch.

9th December 2015
When we got together we looked at the model I made.They wanted to convert this office model into cubicles. I changed it and added each office into cubicle. Our idea is to have office cubicles and to have a camera panning around each office cubicle. Once the right office is found a head will come out of the computer screen and then it will glitch.
Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 20.25.03
This is how I made office cubicle in maya.
Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 20.25.53
Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 20.26.49
This is how it looks.

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