Glitch Tasks

In Week 7, The group essay finally done and dusted (phew) and now onto a new topic therefore, glitch (interesting).

We have discussed the glitch project like what are we going to do, who is going to do what and who is going to come up with an idea?

First of all, we had to come up with an idea for glitch. Decided to create storyboards.

We then decided that everyone would work to their strengths and shared out the responsibilities accordingly.

Saad – doing the model in Maya

Steven – find the sounds for glitch.

Karl – doing glitch stuff in After Effect.

Ryan – come up with concept for the glitch.

We have to work hard together to get the glitch project done and on time because of the christmas holidays.

We were also given our second assignment and as a class had to decide on a grading criteria. These were:

1) Overall quality of the project (25%)

2) Techniques and research employed (25%)

3) Useful and meaningful contributions from individuals (20%)

4) Thematic context (10%)

5) Group management (10%)

6) Originality (10%)

We will be marking each other and also marking the other groups. This will be fun and stressful at the same time but at least individual hard work will be recognised.

We had a quick group meeting and decided the following:

Karl would be the project manager and responsible for creating the after effects and glitch animations.

Saad would be responsible for the 3D modelling.

Steven would be responsible for the sound effects.

Ryan would be responsible for the concept.

We decided to meet the next day with storyboards of ideas.



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