Glitch Review

When we were given the assignment we were all eager to get the assignment completed before the Christmas break or at least have most of it done. I completed the 3D head model and office model before the break. Throughout creating them I kept sending them to the group for feedback. I knew they needed improving and arranged meetings with the group but unfortunately only two of the group would turn up for meetings. The other two members would either not be present or would be very late. We were still waiting for the final concept idea from one of the group, which was given today. Because of this delay the models were adjusted to meet the storyline. Initially it was to be an abstract head and that is what I worked towards but the final head was to be more robotic with human touches. Again from an office, to office cubicles then a building the model was changed accordingly. We did all come together and helped each other with the various tasks but it was frustrating because we were now short of time and I had already put in so much work before Christmas. It was also irritating when some group members made comments on the work. We were all stressed but with better communication and time management and better delegation of tasks the assignment would have run more smoothly. There was some positive and even though some members were frustrated because there was still quite a lot of work to do and were showing there frustration verbally at least some of us were more mature to ignore comments and we all got on with the work.



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