Glitch Minutes Meeting

Week 7: 

Discussed assignment and decided we would meet the next day with ideas.

Met the next day and discussed some ideas. Nothing could be finalized but decided we did want a strong concept with a narrative. Decided to think long and hard about this and would meet in a few weeks with everyone bringing ideas.

Week 8

Met and discussed ideas. Saad and Steven came up with a few ideas. Ryan and Karl arrived later and Ryan had quite a good concept but nothing again could be decided so decided we would create storyboards of our individual ideas and come the next day so we could visually see each others visions.

Met the next day but no Ryan. Steven and Sa’ad had sketched storyboards. Group liked Sa’ads idea about the head in an office going crazy because of the amount of technology. Decided that if Ryan liked this rough idea then we would choose this one.

End of Week 8

Met and went with Sa’ads idea but needed changes. Everyone chose a role.

  • Sa’ad: 3D Modelling
  • Karl: After effects
  • Steven: Sound effects
  • Ryan : Finalising concept

Week 9

Sa’ad modeled head and office. Kept updating on facebook chat for feedback and continued improving and making more versions.

Week 10

Sa’ad further improved the models and kept sending for feedback.

Week 11

Group decided to change office into cubicles so Sa’ad did this and gave the models to Karl to work the after effects on over Christmas. Ryan gave a verbal concept idea.

After chistmas came back but the project had not been looked at. Worked till deadline to complete.

Week 12

When we looked at the model we decided some improvements could be made so Karl took over the office and changed into a building and me and Ryan worked on the head. Steven worked in the sound effects. We had a strong written concept from Ryan now

Continued with modeling and sound effects recordings. Everything coming together and everyone working together helping each other out

Day before assignment it was decided a galaxy needed to be created in after effects. Saad was asked. Would complete and send file to Karl.

Galaxy completed and file sent to Karl.

Met on Friday 8th January 2016 and completed assignment before deadline with just minutes to spare.

Project completed


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