Glitch ideas


These are some ideas I had for the glitch project:

  • Totem poles being glitched to modern facial or animal images.
  • Aeroplane glitching through a thunderstorm.
  • Glitching vases.
  • Glitching ipad with all social logos falling out.
  • Glitching robots.
  • Trees glitching with leaves falling off
  • Seasons glitching
  • Buildings glitching and falling down like the end of the world is coming.
  • Lights glitching
  • Decorated Christmas tree glitching
  • Planets in the universe glitching
  • Advertisements glitching
  • Transport glitching
  • Clocks showing timezones glitching.
  • Dishes glitching and breaking


Totem Pole Tall vases-2-blue wedgwood-butterfly-bloom-vase-091574209791





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