Glitch Chat Update

Towards the end of the Christmas break checked for updates about the glitch assignment.

Via Facebook Group Chat.

2nd  JANUARY 2016

Saad: Hey Guys, hope you had a good christmas and happy new year. Just wondering any                      update about glitch?

Karl: When is it due in?

Saad:  by 8/01/2016 by 5pm. Assignment 2 Experimental 3d artefact (group) Timing: Distributed             in week 5 and submitted 8/01/2016 by 5PM. Hand-in: Rendered H.264 file on Vimeo or                  You Tube Weighting: 25% Assessor: Peer

Karl: so the group one is in on friday, what about the solo project video loop due on 19/01/2016          by 4PM.

4 JANUARY 2016

SaadHi, Any update for glitch?

Karl: So for tomorrow we need to bring our stuff together

Karl:  Opening scene and head explosion

Saad: Better refined low polygon head and text for onscreen (fonts? credits?)

Steven: Sound, if possible a soundtrack (timeline of the audio)

Ryan: Text for what the head/narrator is going to say, also scenes/tiny video clips of what            bombings etc.

Saad: what type of credits? Do you just want our names? Do you want it in photoshop?

Steven: Cool stuff, I got a mixture of sounds I recorded myself and some links

Karl: Hmm, not sure saad, make it cool haha

        Thanks Steven, try making a timeline of the sounds, maybe a cool mix

Steven: Okay I’ll give it a try

Saad: Hey Guys, I have done some examples for the credits and refined the low poly head.

 12477025_10208607883334348_1049315240_o 12483357_10208607883254346_688502293_n 12489907_10208607883454351_977311650_o 12494311_10208607883414350_216749451_o 12499177_10208607883374349_196439945_o



Karl: Maybe a different font Saad
        Director – Ryan Modeller – Saad Sound Design – Steven VFX – Karl
Saad: Ok, I will change it and I have 5 different type of fonts.



6 JANUARY 2016

Steven: Just a quick update. I’ve downloaded some video clips into mp4 and sound files into                     mp3.

7 JANUARY 2016 – 22:37pm

Saad:  Hey Karl, I am still working on the galaxy in after effects. Had to download a plugin for it               to work.Will be a short delay but as soon as I have finished will send you straight away.                 Sorry about that.

Karl: thats ok, I’m still working on the stuff, long render times

8 JANUARY 2016 – 01:12am

Saad: Hi guys, done the Galaxy but because some of the particles are from a free trial plug in a              stupid Red Cross has appeared in the middle. Figuring out how to get rid of the damn                    thing. Will send it whenever I sort it out.


Saad:  Sorry for the delay but the free trial plug in to make the particles was a nightmare. Had                 to create the galaxy about four times before it worked and the pain in the ass red cross               got deleted.

            Karl, I have sent you galaxy after effect in email.
Karl: thanks bro




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