Glitch Beginnings

The glitch project was again a group one. In my group there was Karl, Ryan and Steven. This was the same group as the essay. We decided in our first meeting that this project would be divided according to everyone’s strengths. After the group work on the essay we realised that everyone’s task had to be specific to their interests and what they were confident with.

We split the work as follows.

Sa’ad: Modeling

Karl: After effects

Ryan: Concept

Steven: Sound

Initially we would work individually but would come together regularly and give feedback as well through the group chat.

The first task was to come up with ideas. We decided to create storyboards and meet up after a couple of days. Me and Steven came back with storyboard ideas. The group decided to go ahead with a combination of my ideas. I went away with their feedback and created further storyboards to strengthen the ideas. We came together again and restructured my ideas to come up with a concept.

I needed to model a low poly head and an office. The head was a struggle not so much that it was hard but because we couldn’t decide how it should finally look. I made a few variations continuously got feedback and finally created a version that everyone was happy with.

Next I modeled the office in maya. I modeled various furniture and items for the office but after further feedback and some concept changes it was decided to convert the office into cubicles and use less of the items. I completed this and it was now up to Karl to add the after effects and glitch and Steven to come up with the sound effects.


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