Experimental 3D – Week 13

Peer marking day

Today we had to mark the other groups and the individuals in our groups on the glitch projects.

The other groups videos were very interesting and well produced. It was interesting to see how each groups work was so different in creativity. We marked the other groups how we thought their ideas met the criteria but after being reminded from Haris exactly what the criteria was and what ‘glitch’ means we increased the marks. The individual markings were done privately.

My group eventually came together in the last week before the assignment was due but the irritating thing was that after initially having timetabled a rough outline of how and when our work should proceed some members of the group put in the work on time whilst others did almost nothing till the final week. Frustrating as it was we did manage to complete the project with a few minutes to spare from the deadline. I did feel though if we had managed our time better the project would have turned out a lot better. Communication could also be improved on.

For my part, the group thought I had done a good amount of work and communicated for feedback on a regular basis. I needed though to customize more of the work that I followed tutorials from which I thought was a fair comment.

We continued working on our video loops.




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