Experiment 3D – Week 11

We continued looking at our fish models. We had to complete these models so we could start animating it. Unfortunately I somehow went wrong with my fish model and it just didn’t look right. I spent the whole lesson trying to correct it so could not animate it when the rest of the class did. Decided that I would need to improve the fish at home and then animate it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 21.44.15

It looks pretty ugly and has too many sharps edges and not the rounded shape of a fish body. It looked to geometrical.

After modelling fish we had a lecture on artificial intelligence. There were a few videos that we watched and Haris also spoke and the class also interacted.

Do AIs have consciousness? This is the question that was spoken and discussed about. Some experts say yes and others no.

We discussed how we personify things by making inanimate objects more human. For example setting alarms on our phones using voice commands or talking to Siri on iphones to ask questions. Then we discussed how robots are created to help humans make their lives easier but they are just an extension of ourselves in that we want things as easy as possible. AIs are functional using advanced mathematics to be created and nothing to do with being alive as humans are. They may develop their own consciousness in that I think mathematics will become so advanced that the AI of a game will be able to interact with the environment it is placed in in more ways than the creator anticipated by responding to any players actions. Will the AIs show unanticipated emotions, No because emotions are a human attribute.

The lecture continued discussing various games and films that use different forms of AI.

I found this lecture very interesting because of the advancement in technology and how lives are changed from different advancements. The whole AI aspect is an interesting topic and the unknown is fascinating. When I play  video games the AIs responding to the environment and my reactions in the game produce an exciting and interesting experience. Even ipads use a kind AI with the microphone letting you use your voice to instruct your needs.

The question that now needs to be answered is how ethical is having the machine respond as humans. Are we going to live in a world of machines or humans in the future? A question that will be constantly answered and answers changing as the advancement of technology moves forward.


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