Blade Runner



Blade runner was made in 1982. It was adapted from the book ‘do androids dream of electric sheep’ by Philip K Dick. The film was directed by Ridley Scott and the main lead was played by Harrison Ford.

Blade runner is a science fiction film set in a very unfriendly and ugly looking Los Angeles. Humans have created very intelligent and sophisticated workers who look exactly like humans. They are known as replicants and were banished to the other world to live. Because of their intelligence they were created to live only four years. If they escape to earth then policemen known as blade runners are tasked to find and kill them.

Harrison Ford is a blade runner ordered to kill four replicants who have escaped to earth. The film continues with his search and determining who is a replicant by doing a Voight Kampff test on a Nexus 6 model called Rachael being developed in Tyrell corporation, the company responsible for creating these replicants. The test determines who is a replicant from emotional based answers. Memories have been implanted in them so they have emotional feelings so Harrisons Fords character struggles for a long time determining that Rachael is a replicant.

The film continues with Harrison Ford becoming involved emotionally and physically with Rachael and for him to continue in his journey finding the replicants and killing them. The replicants especially Roy are in search of making their lifespan longer than the four years they are programmed for. The end of the film does not reach a final conclusion and we are left wondering if Harrison Ford is also a replicant.

The film has a lot of futuristic elements. For example flying cars, animals made to look like the real thing, neon signs, big animated billboards. The director leaves the audience to use their imagination as to what the end of the film could be and each individual can use their own perspective as to whether Harrison Ford is a replicant or not.

Blade runner is definitely a confusing film. It takes a lot of concentration to understand the concept and the director’s dream. I found it quite slow moving but its darkness and visuals were quite stunning when you realise it was made in the early 1980’s. The flying cars, animated billboards, artificial eyes, neon lights, the fight sequences, the glass shattering during a chase were good even by today’s standards.

I think it connects to our 3D Experimental modules because of the animated billboards and neon lights. The audience’s perspective on their view of the film is similar to how you perceive works of art. You also have to look at the scenes from an all round perspective to understand the depth of the scenes just as 3D works need viewing from various angles. The origami done by one of the characters is also a 3D piece of art and becomes quite important at the end of the film when the unicorn origami confuses the viewer as to whether Harrison Ford is a replicant as well because of a dream he has earlier on in the film. Technology such as the voight-kampff machine (like a lie test detector) was also advanced for its time.

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