Experimental 3D – Week 10

Experimental 3D 1/12/15 Essay Feedback

We were given feedback for our group essay today. We were told that overall it was a good piece of work but there were also a few issues. We had chosen too many topics and then did not give enough attention to each one. We also had some formatting issues, which made it hard to read. We needed to proof read our work before submitting and were told that it showed a lack of organization.

We did have many group meetings and came in on the Monday before the essay was due and together spent about 4 hours working through it together. We worked well together and took each others ideas on board. I think the problem was that the more we met the more ideas we came up with and thought that each individual topic was required to make a well detailed essay. We did not know how to limit the topics we chose. At one point I did feel we were writing about to many art types because every time we completed our individual pieces another topic was chosen to link to the topics. I felt we were doing too much work but because I struggle with being heard and hearing I agreed with the amount of work the group required. It takes me a long time to get the research done and understanding what I have read and found and then getting the words written that for me at least this essay was really tough. The group was very helpful and in the end after getting the feedback and mark of 71% I feel we have done really well and the part of the essay that I wrote was received quite well by Haris and was not thought to be the weakest part so was really pleased.


We continued the lesson completing our fish in maya and watched movie called Blade Runner.

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