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Unreal Engine 4 – Learning

Unreal Engine 4

After the lecture in week 7  we learnt how to use Unreal Engine 4 to create a room and light. In my independent time I have followed tutorials from dropbox on how to use unreal engine. I followed them twice and then without looking at the tutorials because it would help me to understand how to use it.

Firstly it was tricky because it was new to me. I experimented and it took me about 2-3 hours to understand it.

I wondered how to save this project and I thought you could save it  like saving a file into desktop. When I was trying and it didn’t work I panicked because  I couldn’t find my project. I had to start again twice but it was a good experience. I researched how to save the project on a website and youtube. It said you can save the link of the data in Events graph.

Here is how to save it but I am not sure I am doing the right things or not. This is only a prototype save events graph and I need to take more time to understand this (hopefully).

But It was a good learning experience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 21.15.49

Here is how I made the room and light in 3D shooting game.:

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 20.31.59Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 20.32.01


Here is the video I have made.





Week 7 – Interactive Gameplay

We were given feedback for assignment 1 for the presentation and game concept. It was good feedback but not as good as I wanted. I got 56% which is a pass but I was aiming for 60% plus.

I  discussed with Steven about creating his game. Unfortunately no  Michael (annoying). We discussed and changed the game schedule as a back up for me and Steven and just in case if Michael does not do anything because he hardly comes to the lectures. We have spoken to Harris about this and were told to see how it goes for a couple of weeks and if after trying to contact Michael he does not respond then we should do as much as we can and ask Haris for help if and when required.

We also learnt about unreal engine 4 and how to create room and light in 3d.

Week 7 – Network Aesthetics

Matt explained in detail as to what was expected in our presentation. He broke down the criteria point for point. He explained that the more we followed the criteria and used academic references the better would be our grade.

We then further discussed the handout from last week. ‘The transmediated self: life between the digital and analog.’

Thoughts from the class:

Karl: Online and offline identity is becoming blurred. We have to upload our real identities now on more websites than ever before so can  not create a different persona.

Dylan: We are hidden behind the real world behind our online devices. Newspapers and books can be read on our devices. Socialising is done online anytime anywhere.

Harry: Elwell says that we are inviting people into our worlds. We invite others to contribute to our lives. We are very aware of being liked.

Thea: We are now asked to put our correct, real information and identity online. Mac address is unique to one person.

Sa’ad: The idea of privacy does not exist anymore. All information seems to be uploaded all the time now on social networks. The idea of look at me, me me!!!

Ryan: Customer identity. You can be judged before you are seen. The real you can be hidden on line.

Steven: Audience participation and engagement required for social networking sites.

Max: Artists and actors upload untrue images of themselves.

Andrew: Everything that we do online has an audience.

Dante: Identities can be changed online by others.

Feedback on my website

Looking good but don’t get to involved in creating and making it look perfect yet. Spend the time working on assignment 1.

Network Aesthetics – Week 6

We were given handouts in this lecture.

What happens when networks are without a cause? Geert Lovink Answers in his last book

Convergence: The international journal of research into new media tecghnologies

The articles give the names of some academics and prominent people writing about networks.

Lovink wrote ‘Once the internet changed the world; now the world is changing the internet’ As a class we discussed this quote. Mass communication has changed,new jobs have been created in digital industries, mobile devices have changed the way the internet is used, websites need to be more responsive and there is also a demand for fast speeds.

‘The internet of things’ refers to everything being connected. Elwell says that there is no difference between being online and offline anymore because we are almost constantly online. Elwell suggests our identities are being moulded in fake worlds. Is being anonymous on the internet more difficult today? We felt that is was very hard today to stay invisible now because we spend as much time in the virtual world as the real world.

We then discussed Web 2.0 and how this is known as the second generation of the world wide web. Web 1.0, the first generation was only readable. Web 2.0 allowed people to write, comment, upload, download, play games etc. This started social networking where people could engage. The next question is if, when and what will be Web 3.0?

Matt explained that we had to choose academics and reference them in our website presentation. We also had to give a reason for why we had chosen a particular idea for our social networking sites.

We logged into a website that Matt had created. He showed us how our websites should look. We participated in his site and saw what is expected from our own sites.


Plugins for my social network

Here are some plugins that I have downloaded into wordpress:



Buddypress is easy to use and is there to make the wordpress site into a social networking site.



bbPress plug in creates a discussion forum.


BuddyPress Activity Plus


BuddyPress Activity Plus plug in uploads your images, videos and links with web.


Friends for bbPress

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 22.44.05

Friends for bbPress adds your friend button into your social network website.



Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 22.57.09

iFlyChat is real time chat in your social network.

Interactive Gameplay – Week 6

Today, It was a very important day to complete assignment 1 and it is presentation day!!!!! (OMG). I did a pitch for my game concept and I think I did well and I was pleased with my performance. I struggle to talk continuously with a deaf voice and struggle to have the words understood. I practised so many times with a timer to try to get it right. I had to use simpler words as I can not say all words clearly.

After that we had to choose the game in our groups for assignment 2.  We chose Steven’s game because it was the simplest and a 2D game. His game called Gary the Geeky Golfer and it is inspired by Super Mario games and sonic game.

We discussed the game concept and characters, software, location, rules.

We also planned the Game Production Schedule.

Experimental 3D – Week 6

During the lesson we carried on with our group essay. We discussed how to improve the essay such as adding more specific details.

We then got feedback from Haris. He said our essay needed improvements in the way each individuals essay was linked together. Ryan needed to add examples for the film and photography section. The conclusion needed to be improved. Haris also told us to think what would happen if the mediums were combined. I needed to add more theoretical points about the paintings and discuss CGI examples. Karl needed to tidy up his part of the music essay and Steven needed to talk about virtual reality.

We decided to have a group meeting on the Monday at 12.30.

After that we carried on preparing for the presentation this week for the game module.

My feedback for the game module was that the concept was too long at five pages and needed to be congested to only two pages so the presentation would last only five minutes which was the maximum time meant to be allowed.