Experimental 3D – Week 7

This lecture was about ‘The ghost in the Machine.’ A concept of having dual personalities and in a technical sense how there are ghosts in machines such as computers which can have a mind of their own.

Collective Madness

This describes how our brains are split and how this can create different personalities within ourselves. Jekyll and Hyde is a good example to how humans can have two very different sides to their personalities. Collective madness is an organized pattern within the world today. Our brains are split in different ways and different parts work for different things.

Andrew Koestler, author and journalist from mid twentieth century believed humans have some built-in error or deficiency,” or, more vividly, “a screw loose in the human mind.” He takes us on a long journey through psychology and evolution to conclude: man’s difficulty is his proneness to delusion; he suffers from “an endemic form of paranoia” which dominates his entire history and which is “built into the wiring circuits of the human brain.”


For example in politics an enormous amount of money is spent on weapons but the same politicians actually only want peace. This is the contradiction Koestler talks about where he says humans say one thing but do another.

Paul Maclean, an American neurophysiologist believes our brains are similar to the foundations of an old building where old parts of our brain are built upon with what we learn and experience. He created the famous Triune brain theory which was to understand the brain in terms of its evolutionary history. He believed that three brains which exist and work together have developed in our skulls throughout our evolution. These are:

  • Primitive Brain: used for self preservation and animal instincts.
  • Limbic Systems: used for emotions
  • Rational Brain: used for intelligence

After,  We also worked with Harris on some more Maya after effects tutorials.

We handed in our group essays.

We have created something in after effects.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.50.45



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