Week 7 – Network Aesthetics

Matt explained in detail as to what was expected in our presentation. He broke down the criteria point for point. He explained that the more we followed the criteria and used academic references the better would be our grade.

We then further discussed the handout from last week. ‘The transmediated self: life between the digital and analog.’

Thoughts from the class:

Karl: Online and offline identity is becoming blurred. We have to upload our real identities now on more websites than ever before so can  not create a different persona.

Dylan: We are hidden behind the real world behind our online devices. Newspapers and books can be read on our devices. Socialising is done online anytime anywhere.

Harry: Elwell says that we are inviting people into our worlds. We invite others to contribute to our lives. We are very aware of being liked.

Thea: We are now asked to put our correct, real information and identity online. Mac address is unique to one person.

Sa’ad: The idea of privacy does not exist anymore. All information seems to be uploaded all the time now on social networks. The idea of look at me, me me!!!

Ryan: Customer identity. You can be judged before you are seen. The real you can be hidden on line.

Steven: Audience participation and engagement required for social networking sites.

Max: Artists and actors upload untrue images of themselves.

Andrew: Everything that we do online has an audience.

Dante: Identities can be changed online by others.

Feedback on my website

Looking good but don’t get to involved in creating and making it look perfect yet. Spend the time working on assignment 1.

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