Play Game research

I had a brilliant excuse to play some video games, needed research to come up with a game idea.

Bioshock_2_boxart Call_of_Duty_Modern_Warfare_3_box_art DeusExHumanRevolutionCover header

BioShock is a first person shooter game. It has a very narrative introductory cut scene.It seems a simple enough game but once you get going the moral choices that have to be made eg killing littel girls bring in exciting gameplay. The graphics are exciting as you navigate your way through the underwater city. To be honest I kept losing blood and kept going round in circles. Spent a couple of hours playing before giving up. Would liked to have seen how my choices would play out but no time….Need to play the game and get my brain rocking with ideas.

Deus Ex is a first person, role playing game. Loved the constant shooting and moving around the futuristic environment. Good gameplay and worked myself up at a steady pace. Again needed longer to play but like the graphics and the inside of the building. Might use a similar idea for the setting for my game.

Dishonored is a stealth action adventure game. Loved the assassination aspect of this game especially the sword which felt so real like. The setting of the old city added to the atmosphere of the game. Need to play this more.

Call of Duty, a game I have played many times and which never bores. Every time I have the controller in my hand I feel like the best soldier in the world with all the power in my hands. Love running around the different settings and the noise and sound effects are brilliant. Will definitely have shootouts in my game idea.

I have played a variety of games over the years including racing, wrestling, simulations and especially FIFA Series. Never looked at them with so much detail before but now the module is game design I have started to break down each piece of the game and I think that’s why it is taking a lot longer to pass each level as I am continuously analysing.


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