Network Aesthetics – Week 6

We were given handouts in this lecture.

What happens when networks are without a cause? Geert Lovink Answers in his last book

Convergence: The international journal of research into new media tecghnologies

The articles give the names of some academics and prominent people writing about networks.

Lovink wrote ‘Once the internet changed the world; now the world is changing the internet’ As a class we discussed this quote. Mass communication has changed,new jobs have been created in digital industries, mobile devices have changed the way the internet is used, websites need to be more responsive and there is also a demand for fast speeds.

‘The internet of things’ refers to everything being connected. Elwell says that there is no difference between being online and offline anymore because we are almost constantly online. Elwell suggests our identities are being moulded in fake worlds. Is being anonymous on the internet more difficult today? We felt that is was very hard today to stay invisible now because we spend as much time in the virtual world as the real world.

We then discussed Web 2.0 and how this is known as the second generation of the world wide web. Web 1.0, the first generation was only readable. Web 2.0 allowed people to write, comment, upload, download, play games etc. This started social networking where people could engage. The next question is if, when and what will be Web 3.0?

Matt explained that we had to choose academics and reference them in our website presentation. We also had to give a reason for why we had chosen a particular idea for our social networking sites.

We logged into a website that Matt had created. He showed us how our websites should look. We participated in his site and saw what is expected from our own sites.



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